Feel energised, feel calm, feel GOOD!

Perfect number of spikes for best
acupressure effect

Deep relaxation to boost your energy
Top quality and best design

Relax is a top quality acupressure mat; the non-allergenic materials and the special design have been carefully created to provide you with an acupressure and reflexology mat which will serve you for years! We are proud to offer you an acupressure mat made from eco-friendly materials, and with all the benefits of the original fakir mat, which continues to be used in India today for meditation, relaxation and yoga.

Eco-friendly and durable
We never compromise on quality to save a penny, and have therefore chosen natural materials which ensure safety (they will not cause any allergic reaction) and durability. Instead of thin cotton sheeting we use highest quality pure, thick canvas cotton for the base fabric. The flowers are made of high grade plastic nylon; an exclusive material, the best there is. Its high tensile strength also ensures that the spikes will not bend or deform under body weight. Relax is an acupressure mat that will last for years.

Designed for optimal acupressure effect
Relax has 260 flowers with 5643 spikes as too many or too few spikes can reduce the acupressure effect. They are also specially calibrated in order to effectively stimulate acupressure points, muscles and nerves.

Relax boasts the following features:

  • pure, thick canvas cotton (instead of thin cotton sheeting)
  • eco-friendly materials - non-allergic and durable
  • 5643 calibrated spikes for optimal acupressure effect
  • fair-trade
  • a contribution to UNICEF with each purchase
  • easy and practical to store and carry in the cotton bag supplied with each mat
  • guaranteed for 5 years

Practical to take with you in the FREE carrying bag
Measuring 78 x 42 cm, Relax is light to carry and easy to roll up. You can store it in the handy cotton carrying bag included free with every mat.

Relax - an acupressure mat you can trust!
We and our business partners encourage fair-trade and equality in every aspect and area of our business. We strive to live and work according to the Wise Living vision - an easier life for everyone.