Deep relaxation in mind, body and soul
for a healthier, happier life

Enhance the effects of yoga and

Helps to relieve pain and tension

Perfect number of spikes
to boost your energy!
The spikes trigger endorphins and oxytocin - for more energy, relief from stress, pain and tension, and a healthier, happier life!

The positive effects of endorphins and oxytocin upon our body and psychological wellbeing are well known in science and medical research. According to experts in neuro-chemistry, the spikes stimulate acupressure points, muscles and nerves which produce beneficial hormones and endorphins such as oxytocin, described as the body’s own "morphine". The process promotes pain relief, inner calm and wellbeing. Perfect after a day at work or whenever you want to recharge your energy levels and feel good!

Optimise the benefits of training and exercise!
Relax can help you optimise the benefits of exercise and training. It is well known that in order to increase your level of fitness and improve performance it is important to be able to help the body and mind achieve deep relaxation. Top sportsmen and women often have a team of experts to help them achieve this. Relax enables you to achieve this yourself!

Hormone of love makes you happy!
Oxytocin is also called the "hormone of love"; it is the body's very own "happy pill". When the oxytocin level in the body increases, the stress hormones decrease. Oxytocin lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and helps us to feel more positive and open towards other people. Oxytocin also helps the body's healing process and promotes pain relief. Excessive amounts can make us a little sleepy which can explain why our customers say that they sleep so well after using Relax.

Deep relaxation has many benefits
"The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress....... and is the opposite of the fight or flight response. It is recommended by most health care professionals to treat the harmful effects of stress." 
The Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson, M.D. Harvard Medical School

Relax acupressure mat helps you to achieve deep relaxation simply and easily, with no training required. Unlike many other forms of physical and mental techniques you can enjoy the benefits immediately. Research indicates that deep relaxation has many benefits such as:

  • feeling calmer and more content
  • improved performance at work, study or training
  • improved levels of energy
  • optimising the effect of training
  • better focus and concentration
  • relieve stiffness and tension in neck and shoulders
  • increased energy levels and coping ability
  • improved decision-making ability
  • reduced symptoms of stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduced pre-menstrual tension
  • less aches and pains
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • improving the body's ability to heal itself
  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • better relationships
  • improved health and wellbeing