Acupressure under the feet
(reflexology)is an effective way
to relieve stress and tension
in the whole body!

Recommended and used by
physiotherapists and masseurs

Helps to relieve pain and tension
Easy to use, no training needed to enjoy the effects!

  • 10 - 40 minutes for simple, effective, deep relaxation
  • use a variety of positions for a variety of experiences and benefits
  • give your mind and body a break
  • enhance the effects of meditation and yoga
  • easy to take with you in the handy cotton carrier bag provided (FREE!)
  • the mat can easily be washed at 30°C. Place on a towel or hang it up to dry.

Lay, sit or stand; Relax is flexible to suit your needs!
Relax is extremely easy to use. You can choose to lay, sit or stand on the mat, depending on whether you wish to do yoga, meditate or just deeply relax after a stressful day at work. You can also sit with your feet on the mat, and trigger the many acupressure points connected to other parts of the body. This is also a perfect way to get relief for poor blood circulation and cold feet!

Use Relax for about 10 to 40 minutes. In the beginning it is better to choose a longer time, so that your body has time to adjust and respond to the acupressure process. If you find it too uncomfortable, you can use a thin towel or T-shirt to adjust the effect. After using the mat a few times your body will "learn" to respond to the effects more quickly allowing you to experience the benefits after as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

Feel good fast!
Close your eyes and breathe deeply. At first you may feel a little discomfort (painfully good!) as the spikes press on to your skin. After a few minutes, you will experience a tingling, warm sensation. You might notice that your thoughts start to become fuzzy, as you gradually let go of them and move into deep relaxation. If you are very tense when you use the mat, you may even fall asleep as your body quickly responds positively, relaxing and recharging the energy it needs. You might feel a little dizzy afterwards but there is no cause for concern, it just means your body has been able to relax.

Popular with masseurs and physiotherapists
Many masseurs and physiotherapists already use Relax before and/or after treating their clients. Time spent on the mat before treatment enables a deeper massage. Many also use Relax themselves after massaging others in order to relieve tense muscles and relax after a hard days work.

Who is the mat not suitable for?
Some people should not use the mat, i.e. if you take Warfarin or other blood-thinning drugs or if you suffer from a coagulation condition such as Haemophilia.

Please contact us at for more information or consult your doctor concerning medication or specific medical conditions. Full instructions for use are included with every mat.