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Relax suits everyone wanting to keep fit and healthy, whether you just want a moment of lovely, deep relaxation, whether you want to wind down after sport or regain energy after a stressful day at work!

It is well known that in order to increase your level of fitness and improve your performance it is also important to be able to effectively unwind and relax. For example top sportsmen and women often have a team of experts to help them to achieve this.

Many people use Relax to relieve the symptoms of stress, tension, aches and pains. Others use it as an effective relaxation tool after physical training and exercise, or to enhance the effects of meditation or yoga. By using Relax you can more easily take control of your health, fitness and wellbeing. Relax and enjoy your life!

Research has shown that deep relaxation can improve health and fitness and provide relief for many aches pains and physical and emotional symptoms. While Relax is enjoyed by many we do not claim that it cures all kinds of medical conditions and ailments. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition and are unsure whether the acupressure mat is suitable for you.

Questions and answers:

Which positions can I use with Relax?
You can lay, sit or stand on Relax in a variety of different positions. Many roll up a towel and place under the neck for increased pressure on neck and shoulders, perfect if you have stiff muscles from sitting in front of a computer screen or writing. You can also practice yoga positions or meditate while lying or sitting on Relax.

Can Relax help me to perform better at work? In order to achieve a high level of fitness and perform at your very best (in sport or anything else) it is also important to be able to effectively achieve a deep level of relaxation so that your mind and body can effectively "recharge". This is necessary if you want to achieve your full potential and the reason why many top athletes have a team of specialists helping them not only to perform but also effectively relax. Many of our customers have busy careers and have testified that Relax is an effective, simple way to relax, which helps them to optimise their energy and performance in work and sport.

I have too much to do and am nearly always stressed - can Relax help? Yes, many of our customers have testified that they feel much calmer and better able to deal with life's demands since they started using Relax on a regular basis.

Can Relax help me to keep fit and healthy? Relax is an effective relaxation tool. Research suggests that regular deep relaxation helps us to keep fit and healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, and can help relieve many of the symptoms of stress that so many people suffer from today.

Can I use Relax if I suffer from Rheumatism? Yes! The acupressure effect increases blood circulation in muscles and nerves so that the oxygen supply to muscles increases helping stiff muscles to recover faster. Acupressure can also help stimulate and activate the bodys own production of beneficial hormones. These substances can be described as the body’s own "morphine" and provide pain relief by blocking pain signals from the brain. Relax can therefore be an excellent way to relieve aches and pains in stiff joints and muscles.

Can Relax help if I suffer from poor blood circulation? People with poor circulation in their feet and hands (for example those who suffer from cold feet) have testified that standing on the mat or sitting with their feet placed upon the mat has really made a difference.

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