Kay Sanderson

Relax - for you, the environment
and children in need

Wise Living

Wise Living is a small Swedish company owned and run by an English woman, Kay Sanderson.

"I meditate on my acupressure mat every evening before going to sleep. I enjoy a deep relaxed sleep and awake full of energy the following morning. It's now easier for me to handle life's frustrations. This is so important to me, running several companies, with a family and a busy life. I have noticed a huge difference in myself, I am so much calmer and seldom feel stressed, everyone should have the chance to feel like this! My passion is to provide people with a better way to live and work, through coaching, consulting and products. People who work with people find that our acupressure mat helps them to unwind and keep calm. It's all about contributing to a better quality life for everyone, for you our customers and children in need."    Kay Sanderson

Kay moved to Sweden 23 years ago, after meeting a Swedish boy on her travels around the world. Kay has always worked with people and started an organisational consultancy company LifeWise 2001. As a consultant, coach and cognitive behavioural therapist she met many people who were stressed out and not feeling good about themselves and life.

In 2005 she became increasingly interested in acupuncture and acupressure, practising meditation and mindfulness. She collected research about the beneficial effects of acupressure, deep relaxation, endorphins and oxytocin and ways to achieve these benefits.

Always interested in products of high quality, she discussed the design of Relax with her contacts in India, and the rest, of course, is history!